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"Not a day goes by that I don't want to get up and go to work.  It has everything to do with enjoying what I do, and the team I am surrounded by.  Carbis Walker LLP encourages you to find your passion and to work toward the goals that you set for yourself.  The CW team is there to help guide you along the way to success.  I am lucky to have found such a wonderful firm that celebrates your achievements, both professionally and personally."

Tanya Merlino, CPA
-Senior Manager

"As part of the Carbis Walker Outsourcing Team, my duties as a payroll processor have allowed me to have a personal relationship with our clients on a daily basis. Not only do I have the opportunity to provide service to our clients, but I have the ability to get to know the clients and share family events and stories. Carbis Walker is truly a family-based environment, not only among my fellow team members, but also the clients I serve. "

Connie L. Verlotte
-Outsourcing Services

"I started out as a tax intern with Carbis Walker (CW) and was pleased to accept a full-time position upon graduation.  Deciding to work for CW was an excellent decision!  The Firm has been exceptionally flexible and understanding in helping me determine what I'm interested in, giving me the opportunity to focus on those areas, and directing my own career path, with plenty of room for advancement.  At Carbis Walker, the employees are truly valued and appreciated, and hard work is rewarded.  The people here genuinely enjoy working with one another - and it shows.  From day one, I have been proud to say I am part of the CW Team - a team that works well together, has fun, and learns something new every single day!"

Sara B. Phipps, CPA
-Supervisor  - Tax Services

"Carbis Walker LLP owners and management care about their team members. Team members are encouraged to discover what they are truly passionate about, and are provided with the tools, training, and mentoring necessary to have a successful career. I have worked for the Firm for 12 years, and throughout my career my work schedule has changed to accommodate the demands of my family. CW has consistently supported me with flexible work arrangements - it is truly an amazing place to work. I feel blessed to be a part of the team."

Brenda M. Filer
-Manufacturing & Distribution Services Team

"Carbis Walker LLP provides the atmosphere to promote excellence. As an employee of over ten years, I have been encouraged to find my passion and have been given the opportunities I need to succeed. I enjoy coming to work each day knowing that the people I work with, at all levels, are truly inspirational, supportive and work together to make Carbis Walker LLP a great place to be."

Kathy Graziani
-Director of Outsourcing Services

"As one of the newest members to the Carbis Walker team coupled with my background of previously working with a small local firm, one of my biggest fears was not being able to adapt to the large firm environment of Carbis Walker. However, the transition process has been effortless, as each individual of the firm has made me feel comfortable and part of the team. Carbis Walker has provided me with the opportunity and resources to grow not only professionally, but also personally, and I am excited to be part of such a great team and organization."

Chuck Laverty
-Business Valuations Partner

"Carbis Walker is a firm where each employee is valued, no matter what their level. From an accounting firm standpoint, this is an awesome achievement, as I have previously worked for smaller firms where employees were not very important, especially at the lower level.  I have been with Carbis Walker for about ten months and in those ten months, I feel like I have learned so much!  It’s easy to learn here, because everyone is always willing to help.  The environment is very team-oriented and it helps to achieve so much!  Carbis Walker also gives you the flexibility to decide which path is right for you, and everyone encourages you to pursue your own individual goals.  I am so happy to be a part of the Carbis Walker Group and to see the Firm continue to grow."

Amanda Charney
-Supervisor - Tax Services

"Carbis Walker is made up of many unique individuals with specific gifts and talents. When channeled in the right direction, we all have a purpose in striving to provide satisfaction to our clients while at the same time developing a sense of compassion for each other. I appreciate the commitment Carbis Walker has not only in providing the best service to its clients, but also by contributing to the community through various donations and service opportunities. I am a better person because of the flexibility offered to me to fulfill all of my responsibilities, not only as an employee, but as a mother, wife, and volunteer. I am proud to be an employee of Carbis Walker whose ideals of honesty and integrity parallel my own."

Amy Plyler
-Supervisor - Outsourcing Services

"Being a team member of Carbis Walker LLP is awesome! I have been with the firm for ten years and have worked in many different areas - all of which have been challenging and gave me the ability to grow professionally, intellectually and interpersonally. I am currently working part-time mainly from my home while taking care of my three young children. The flexibility and support that all team members have given me during this time is unbelievable. Carbis Walker LLP is not only an excellent accounting firm in the professional sense but the owners/partners also focus on the importance of family and balancing the demands of personal life with a career path. Carbis Walker LLP is the place to be!"

Jennifer Herr, CPA
-Senior Manager

"Many firms talk about a balance between family life and work, but Carbis Walker LLP lives this philosophy.  I have been fortunate enough to work a part-time flex schedule while still being provided challenges and opportunities which have allowed me to grow and develop professionally, intellectually, and personally.  Carbis Walker LLP promotes a family environment in which team members go out of their way to help each other.  Additionally, Carbis Walker LLP prides itself in providing excellent client services.  What more could you possibly ask for in an accounting firm?!?!"

Amy Chornenky, CPA
-Manager - Tax Services

"My experience for over ten years in various support staff roles for the accounting professionals at CW has been defined by the Firm’s goal to provide the “best” services possible to its clients. Currently serving as proofreader for financial reports and various written communications, it is my job to make certain that this goal is upheld and that the products we produce on behalf of our clients are accurate, professionally presented, timely, and of the highest quality in the industry. I am proud to be given the opportunity to be part of this commitment to excellence."

Eileen Z. Cearfoss

"As an Administrative Assistant at Carbis Walker, I have the privilege of working with interesting people. Whether working with other team members, clients, or helping with a community service organization project, every day is a new challenge. Carbis Walker continually provides opportunities to learn new skills and encourages me to grow in my profession. Being part of the Carbis Walker “Team” means being part of an extended family of caring and supportive people."

Susan Harcar
-Administrative Assistant

"Carbis Walker (CW) has provided, and enhanced the opportunity, for growth - both professionally and personally. CW’s dedication to the development of the individual has enabled me to prosper in my first year and a half, as part of the Carbis Walker Family"

Brandon Harlan, CPA
-Senior Manager - Health Care

"Coming out of college I didn't know how I wanted to use my degree. After interviewing with several Corporations and Public accounting firms, I felt that Carbis Walker (CW) was the best choice based on the team atmosphere and family oriented environment that it embraced. Since joining the team, I believe I made a great decision based upon the relationships I have formed and the professional growth I have experienced."

James Raley, CPA
-Senior Manager - Health Care

"I am fortunate to be the Firm’s Coordinator of Manufacturing & Wholesale Distribution Services. I began my career at Carbis Walker LLP on July 5, 1989, as a new graduate from college. The then Human Resource Director told me that they were not interested in hiring a new “associate,” but rather someone who aspired to work hard, make a career of public accounting, and ultimately become a Partner in the Firm. These were not mere words . . . it happened for me. I love the manufacturing environment. The manufacturing process is magical to me. I am in awe of American ingenuity, work ethic, and pride in the products they produce. I cannot work with my hands, but I have the utmost respect for those people who have that ability and aptitude."

Guy Natale, CPA

"Carbis Walker is a fun, forward-thinking work environment where I have been treated as family since the day I began four years ago. As an administrative assistant, I am given opportunities to learn and advance in my position that are rarely offered at this level. I am routinely encouraged to take ownership and manage new projects and ideas, which makes me feel appreciated and respected as a valuable member of a great team. The leaders of Carbis Walker demonstrate a healthy work/life balance and promote the same for their employees. I have worked in various office settings and find Carbis Walker to be the most fulfilling and rewarding. "

-Kristen Battista
-Administrative Assistant

"The first quality of Carbis Walker that I noticed is that the people truly care. Since this was my first experience in the accounting world I was uncertain as to what other employees and managers would think of me. I quickly realized that they care more about me as a person than anything else. I was approached numerous times throughout the day my first few weeks not just by HR, but by other employees, supervisors, and managers. Each time they would offer me assistance, guidance, advice, or even just a word of encouragement. Also, the knowledge I acquired during my time there has proved invaluable, and has placed me far above my other classmates in college. Carbis Walker LLP is a genuine team environment where you are taught to excel and valued as a critical member. "

Joshua A. Masters
-Senior Associate

"Fresh out of college, Carbis Walker provided me with an opportunity to begin my career and in my time here, the experience has been nothing short of great. Being new to public accounting, I knew there was going to be a lot of information I was going to have to take in. I surprised myself with the knowledge I was able to obtain by being surrounded by a helpful and experienced tax team. All Carbis Walker team members have been very supportive to make this an easy transition to the real world. I am proud to say I am a Carbis Walker employee and look forward to what the future has in store."

Jacob Necci
-Senior Associate

"I began my career at Carbis Walker LLP (CW) not knowing exactly what my career goals were. I selected CW for employment, as they offered significant flexibility and growth in every employee’s career. After a brief period of employment in industry, I realizd just how flexible CW is and what a great workplace is created at CW. I am very excited about the opportunities that are presented at CW and am very blessed to be back at such a great employer."

Jacob Habel, CPA
-Manager – Manufacturing & Distribution Services

"I have been an employee of Carbis Walker for just over one year and what an eventful year it has been! I joined the firm as a member of the newly-formed Healthcare Clinical Consulting team. Even though I have been a nurse for more than 30 years, I have continued to grow professionally in my new position, thanks to the expertise and support of my co-workers. Carbis Walker provides top-notch services to their clients while ensuring that their employees have all the tools necessary to complete the job at hand. Carbis Walker also promotes a positive work environment through many different fun team-building activities. I am thankful every day for the opportunity that has allowed me to be a part of the Carbis Walker family."

Robyn Bunnell BSN, RN, NHA, RAC-CT
-Manager – Clinical Consulting

"As a college student, we’re often told not to expect to love our first job right out of school – people tell us that it’s often just a stepping stone to get to where we eventually want to be. For me, though, that hasn’t been the case. In my time here so far, I’ve learned that there are few things more rewarding than having the opportunity to come to work every day doing what I enjoy and working alongside a group of people who truly care about me – not only about the work I’m doing and where I want my career to go, but what’s going on in my personal life too. When I first came in contact with Carbis Walker, I was skeptical about the use of the word “fun” in the firm’s culture statement. Now, after a year of full-time employment, I can say without a doubt that Carbis Walker is one of the most fun, friendly, and enjoyable environments I’ve ever had the opportunity to be a part of!"

Kevin McCarty
-Tax Associate

"CW has a great team of people who genuinely care about my professional career path as well as personal interests. The flexibility of this Firm has allowed me to balance both professional and personal desires. A combination of random acts of kindness/perks, fun and hardworking team members, and periodic recognition continue to create an overall enjoyable work environment year after year."

Kelly S. Nord
-Senior Manager - Health Care

"As a new college graduate, beginning your first job can be an intimidating experience. At Carbis Walker LLP, I was warmly welcomed from day one and was made to feel like I had been a member of the team for years. The firm is full of hardworking, friendly individuals that are willing to help in any way they can. CW has given me the opportunity to grow professionally and personally, and I am grateful to work for such a prestigious firm."

Derek P. Schell
-Associate - Health Care

"What I enjoy most about working at Carbis Walker is the teamwork environment. Being new to public accounting can be very difficult; having the support of fellow co-workers made it a much easier transition from college. I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to work with, and that I am really thankful for. I also appreciate the flexible working arrangements the firm has to offer. Studying for the CPA exam while balancing tasks at work can be very difficult. CW was really flexible in giving me time outside of work to study, which was extremely helpful in getting my exams done. CW will go out of their way to help you develop professionally."

Bryan Visingardi
-Associate - Health Care

"I found interning with Carbis Walker LLP to be a wonderful experience. It provided the opportunity to learn new tax software and work with others in a business environment. Through the relation of class work to real world situations, I was able to determine and set career goals with ideas for the type of job I was seeking. "

Carbis Walker Intern